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5 November 2016
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5 November 2016, All Saint's College

story by Brad Scott: WAIS & Athletics Australia athlete, Paralympic Games 800m, 1500m runner
There has never been a better time for women to be interested in playing AFL. Women’s AFL has been a hot topic over the last year with the new national league kicking off in 2017. I was fortunate enough to team up with Joe McCarthy to educate WA’s up and coming teenage AFL superstars.
I was really excited about this one. Not just because I’m AFL mad, but this was my first experience in delivering the new Developing Champions material. As always, we start off with an introduction and game. This time we went through the athletes one by one, naming a sport starting with the each letter of the alphabet. Why is it that whenever we get to ‘q’ everyone say quidditch? One, that isn’t a sport and two, what about quoits?
We all know that a big factor in achieving success is motivation. However, do most of us take the time to truly understand what motivates us? Is it; family, friends, health, winning, personal best etc.? It’s a tough question. So the athletes, Joe and myself spent the first 15-20 mins digging deep to locate and identify our personal motives.
Another key focus of the session was planning. With many of the athletes still at school (possibly working too) while committing to their sporting demands; time management and planning are a necessity. It’s very easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by the all the commitments that athletes face. But the best answer is to strategically direct their time and energy at the things that matter. Some athletes, like myself, keep a diary (I personally like to use my phone) and schedule their day accordingly. This way, they are able to take on/delegate/dismiss any unforeseen events without losing control of the rest of their day. Our time and energy are limited. Don’t you think it’s vital that we spend them wisely?
I always enjoy the closing stages of each workshop. And it’s not because it’s about to finish, but because I get one final chance to share my thoughts and words of wisdom. Basically, I mention how I wished that I had the opportunity to participate in a program like this when I first started. That each athlete in attendance has gained valuable information and knowledge that not too many athletes have received. However, that means very little if the information isn’t used by the athlete. That is the key!
I’m excited to see how these athletes perform in the future. They’re in a prime position, a new national competition that will be expanding… I’m definitely jealous!

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