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Rugby Rise above the Pressure
28 November 2016


Rugby WA: Advanced Core Workshop

28 November 2016, RugbyWA
Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete 



Heather and myself had the pleasure of running the third workshop for Rugby WA Junior boys squad. This workshop covers key areas of how to deal with pressure and planning for your future.  After a slow start the boys got into talking about how they feel pre-game and found out new ways how they could cope with the added stress of performance.


All athletes no matter their age, sport or level experience pressure.  Pressure can come from many places, such as family, friends, coaches and yourself.  The best and most successful athletes are those that can identify these stresses or added pressure and deal with them in an appropriate way.  We spoke about effective communication with parents and coaches to make them aware of how you feel and using music or progressive muscle relaxation to reduce the stress.  Small implementations now can make a massive difference in the future.


I would like to wish the Rugby boys all the best and hopefully will see you one day on the pitch at a Western Force or hopefully a Wallabies game! Rip in!

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