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Planning for Water Polo Peak Performance
4 December 2016

Water Polo WA: Foundations for My Success Workshop

4 December 2016, DSR

Story by Jaime Roberts, WAIS and Canoeing Australia Athlete

8am on a Sunday is never easy. A workshop with a group of enthusiastic and talented young water polo players early on a Sunday morning was a breeze!

Both the U16 Girls and Boys Water Polo squads started their first of four workshops with WAIS and DSR.The Foundations for My Success workshop covers the key areas of goal planning and progression, time management and integrity in sport.

The athletes began to understand how the level of commitment will soon increase to double, triple or more of what they are currently training. It is highly important to have good time management to ensure you can complete both training and school work at a high level. Life balance is a key area that many athletes excel at, they don’t just have their sport, they have study or jobs as well.


It was a pleasure introducing these 18 athletes to the world of elite sport and I wish them all the best in the future!

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