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27 November 2016

South West Academy of Sport Foundations workshop

27 November 2016, DSR

story by Brad Scott: WAIS & Athletics Australia athlete, Paralympic Games 800m, 1500m runner


Now I may be a little biased (being from Bunbury and all) but I always look forward to heading down south and delivering a workshop to the athletes of the South West Academy of Sport. Instead of working with just one sport, I get to work with a variety of sports like athletics, football, and hockey.


This was my fourth time delivering the foundation module over the last few months and I must say that each time has been just as enjoyable as the next. The sessions are never a lecture, more a collaboration between the athletes and the facilitators. We like to ask open ended questions and allow the athletes to come up with their own answers. We know that each athlete’s journey is unique to them, so it would be wrong to tell them what they need to do without being in their shoes first.



As these athletes are the elite juniors of the south west they already hold a great deal of knowledge and understanding of what is required for them to reach their goals in sports. However, there are always areas that can be improved like their time management, sleep routine and the way they communicate with others. We spoke about working smart rather than always working hard and that it’s not about how much time you have, but rather what you do with that time that is the key.


Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable session for me. Knowing that I have assisted the next generation of elite athletes being molded in the south west is definitely humbling. I can’t wait to see what these superstars do next.



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