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GAP: Insights Gained through Shared Knowledge & Experiences
16 March 2010
by Tina Tanrikulu
During February I had the opportunity to spend a day with the Under 17 and 19 Netball WA State Squad where I presented various skills that should help them become better athletes.
One particular topic we discussed was personal branding and I felt this was one of the more involved topics especially as the girls are now being faced with media opportunities on a more frequent basis. We explained to the girls that personal branding also extends beyond media interviews and encompasses online networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. These networks were only exposed to me late in my career, however, I was still able to give them an insight into the positive and negative effects they can attract.
The girls demonstrated the media skills they learned from the session by engaging their fellow peers with various short personal stories. The stories they imparted were interesting and well spoken and it was evident they had taken notice of how best to present themselves during media opportunities. They did a great job and I gave them all a big thumbs up!
We took part in many exercises during the day so that the girls had the chance to put knowledge into practice. A highly entertaining exercise was a leadership one we held outside. The girls split into groups and nominated leaders who would guide them through a maze whilst blindfolded. It was interesting to see how they each handled the situation and most amusing when watching a few try to tackle the walls and other obstacles front on. The girls pointed out that good communication and trust was vital for this exercise to be completed effectively.
Overall, I really enjoyed personally taking part in this session. The girls were enthusiastic and had great stories to share with each other. Hearing about personal triumphs and tragedies gives us all perspective on our own sporting careers and enlightens each of us to implement strategies to reach the decisions that best suit our individual pursuits.
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