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17 February 2017



Synchronised Swimming Nutrition Workshop

17th February 2017, DSR
Story by Georgia Wilson, WAIS Hockey Scholarship Holder


After a hard week of intense training and schooling, girls aged between 14-17 years old from Synchronised Swimming Western Australia allied together to complete their second developing workshop.

I expected the girls’ attitude to mirror my lethargic behaviour that I used to exhibit on a Friday afternoon after a long week of study whilst at high school but instead was met with a group of eager faced, enthusiastic young athletes striving to enhance their knowledge. The workshop revolved around the topic of nutrition and the importance it plays in relation to sporting performance and recovery.

We began the session with a brief quiz about macronutrients and micronutrients, discussing differences amongst the two. I was surprised with the girls’ level of expertise at such a young age, with many being able to distinguish the main macronutrient found in everyday common foods.


We quickly transitioned into learning about more of the mathematical side of nutrition, with numerous athletes discovering the differences in kilojoules between the three macronutrients. Many were surprised that fat was the highest energy dense food and provided the highest amount of kilojoules per gram.

I gladly provided my experience and advice in this area, providing my favourite foods to consume in training and competition mode. It is so important for young athletes to recognise the energy requirements necessary for their sport, with the selection of food choices largely determining energy levels. I love to cook wholesome, heathy food and provided a few of my favourite recipes to the girls who raised the topic of eating bland, boring food whilst trying to eat healthy. Online recipe platforms, Pinterest and Yummly were amongst my top recommendations for athletes looking for simple, individualised inspiration.

Finally, we finished the workshop with an informal discussion about dieting and the pre-conceived notions around it. As young women, it is easy to fall victim and see vicious dieting fads as the quick solution to poor nutritional decisions, particularly ifpressure is applied on the athlete to lose weight before competitions. The nutritionist and I encouraged the girls however to instead adopt a 'healthy eating approach' where no foods are seen as 'off limit' but to be consumed in moderation. This suggested mentality removed any previous concerns the swimmers had and many were satisfied to learn that optimal performance can be reached without having to remove their favourite reward foods and feeling guilty.

I thoroughly enjoyed completing my first Developing Champions workshop with the synchronised swimming athletes and thank all the girls for attending with such eagerness and attentiveness.

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