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19 February 2017


Softball WA: Performance Psychology Workshop

19 February 2017, Mirrabooka State Softball Complex
Story by Cruz Hogan, WAIS Athletics (Javelin) Athlete 


As athletes, do we become complacent in our training and competition environments? Do we perform to just meet expectations, or do we strive to achieve greatness? These are all the questions prompted by Lead Facilitator, Jesse Phillips, to engage athletes from Softball Western Australia in discussions around mental awareness and developing a high-performance mindset that is driven to succeed in all aspects of life.

To appreciate the importance of mental skills within sport and general life (particularly within teenage life), athletes were exposed to the basic theories behind adolescent brain development and the plasticity of the brain. This provided the gateway to discussions and activities based on developing a positive approach to adversity in order to cultivate a growth mindset. Ultimately, a growth mindset will increase the likelihood of positive performance outcomes in not only sport, but all aspects of life.

To finish, athletes were asked to completely relax their body and rest their head between their arms. They were then prompted with a very descriptive and imaginative scenario of them slowly walking up to the batters’ plate, sensing the feel of their big competition environment as they look towards the pitcher, who pitches a fast ball towards them. They imagined themselves swinging the bat, feeling the clean, perfect timing of their hit that sailed over into outfield. You could sense all athletes were engaged with the activity and understood the importance of mindfulness and how it can lead to significant performance improvements in not only sport but in school, university, work etc.
I wish all the best to these athletes, good luck with your future Softball endeavours!
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