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Gymnasts and Divers in unison for success
11 February 2017

Diving and Gymnastics: Foundations for My Success Workshop

11th February 2017, DSR

Story by Kat Downie, WAIS Swimmer, 2012 Paralympics


It was an excellent experience helping to facilitate the Developing Champions Workshop for the Gymnastics and Diving groups.  It was an interesting dynamic, having two sports work together, but as the workshop progressed so did the athletes. 


This particular workshop was an advanced class that covered things like time management, integrity in sport, sleeping patterns, expectations and much more. 


The group worked really well within their capabilities and got involved with every activity Heather and I requested of them. I really enjoyed the activity where we asked the group to write down the answer to "why you are doing your sport?”. The answers were inspiring, funny and honest. My favourite, or at least the answer I felt I related to the most, was "I do it so I can eat all the time.” The blank honesty from it made me smile. 


My other favourite activity was the group poster. It is always a pleasure to see the young athletes really bond through group projects such as the poster for Integrity in Sport. Athletes had to form groups of 4 – 7 and create a poster explaining what they thought integrity in sport meant to them. 


An important activity from the workshop emphasised time wastage. The time management segment really focused on dissecting the athletes’ week into different components (such as homework, school, training, eating, sleeping) and then subtracting the hours consumed from hours in the week. This then left them with however many spare hours they have left. It was interesting to note the level of surprise most of the athletes had when they realised they had over 24 hours of spare time. This was a great activity to highlight time management and time wastage. 


At the end of the workshop, both Heather and I were thoroughly impressed by their dedication. I thought the group of athletes worked really hard and paid attention throughout the duration of the workshop. They were a great bunch of kids and I wish them all the very best in their respective sports.

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