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Building the foundations for success in Squash, Table Tennis & Volleyball
11 March 2017

Squash, Volleyball and Table Tennis WA: Foundation for My Success Workshop

11 March 2017, Squash WA
Story by Cruz Hogan, WAIS Athletics (Javelin) Athlete 


There are numerous reasons why an athlete trains for their sport, whether it be for social reasons, for fame, for fitness, for passion, for self-fulfilment, the list goes on. However, regardless of their reasons, it is important for an athlete to recognise and be honest about their main motivations for competing in their sport to understand what they want to get out of their sport, and how to achieve it. Answering these questions forms the foundations for success in any sport as an athlete can develop specific plans and strategies to guide them in achieving their desired goals or performance outcomes. Athletes from Squash, Table Tennis and Volleyball WA, selected for their talent and future potential by their respective sporting institutions, attended the Developing Champions "Foundations for Success” seminar to answer these very questions.


Lead Facilitator, Joe McCarthy, and myself facilitated discussions around the motivations for training to be an elite athlete and the concomitant sacrifices with this level of performance. To initiate this conversation, athletes began watching the spine-tingling, emotional video of Derek Redmond finishing off the 400 m final at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games after suffering a major hamstring tear in the middle of the race. This video highlights the enormous commitment, resilience and perseverance that is required to train to compete at this level. Athletes then discussed the sacrifices within everyday life that need to be made to train the required number of hours demanded by their sport to reach the top level. Subsequently, a time-management activity was completed where all athletes calculated the total number of spare time within their normal week including time sleeping, eating, travelling, studying and training. This allowed them to develop a weekly schedule, where they could accurately allocate time, identify time waters and set priorities to ensure they can meet the requirements of their sport and be successful.

Athletes finished the session with discussions on integrity within sport, sportsmanship and drugs within sport. It was made very clear to the athletes that under every situation, the responsibility lies with the individual and they must ensure they know exactly what substances they are putting in their body, regardless of whom suggested it to them.

Thank you to the athletes that attended this seminar, you showed great respect and engagement, especially considering there were three different sporting codes that attended. Good luck in the future!

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