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Common goals for Canoe and Triathlon
11 March 2017

Canoe and Triathlon: Foundations for My Success Workshop

11th March 2017, DSR

Story by Kat Downie, WAIS Swimmer, 2012 Paralympics


I had a great time working with Garry and the Triathletes and Kayakers for the advanced management workshop. With two very different sports, it was interesting to see the differences and the similarities between the two. This including the training load and the milestones needed to reach their respective Olympic levels. With Garry’s level of professional sport history and the athletes’ awesome cooperation, we had many great discussions and got stuck in to various activities surrounding expectations, integrity, time management and self-management.


My favourite activity was the group poster. It is always a pleasure to see young people bond through group projects, even when some of them were meeting for the first time! The poster involved groups of 4 athletes and they had to brainstorm different ideas revolving around what integrity in sport meant to them and how to achieve integrity. The athletes were really witty with their responses and worked really well within their respective teams.


The time management segment really focused on scrutinizing the athletes’ week and separating it into different components (such as homework, school, training, eating, sleeping) and then subtracting those hours from the total hours in the week. This gave them with however many spare hours they have left. This is a great exercise as it highlights where athletes are losing time and how they can probably manage their week a little better. Most of the athletes thought it was the most valuable activity Garry and I lead them through.


Working through the expectations component was also really interesting. I noted that most athletes have similar support networks who help them reach their own particular set of goals within both sport and life. Garry and I both stressed that it is exceptionally important to have a balanced lifestyle within an individual’s sporting commitments.


We were thoroughly impressed by the athletes’ dedication and commitment to the program. The group of athletes worked really hard and paid attention throughout the duration of the workshop, which is hard on a Saturday morning! They were a great group of athletes and I wish them all the very best in their respective sports.

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