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Rowers Ready to Race
18 April 2017
Rowing WA: Foundations Workshop
18 April 2017, WAIS
Story by Maia Simmonds, World Championship and World Cup Australian Rowing Team representative

After having the pleasure of meeting so many athletes from an array of sports that I have very limited experience in, it was a unusual but exciting experience to be involved in a workshop with Rowing. Joe McCarthy and myself got to meet 24 of Western Australia's up and coming talented rowers for a Foundations workshop.

Combining from different schools, these rowers were joining force to race against national competition later that week as the WA Pathway VIII's. For many, this was their first time competing in rowing outside of school and a first look at the elite side of rowing. It was a great time for these athletes to take a look at their sporting motivations and goals, and also to see how the heavier training demands combined with final years of school.

Most of the Rowers were in Year 12, and the remainder in Year 11, which carries its challenges in balancing a sport that is time demanding. By taking the time to work out how many hours in the week were dedicated to travel, study, school, training and vital things like eating and sleep, we could look at how much 'free time' the athletes really had in a week. For many this number is surprisingly larger than it feels like when training and school seem all consuming, but it can often be liberating to realise that there is still time for the other very important things in life, like family, friends and relaxing.
Throughout the whole workshop all of these athletes had high energy and were willing and eager to contribute. It was easy to see the spirit within the team, which is such a vital component for any sport. I wish all of these athletes great success in both their sporting and life pathways, it is so exciting to see the depth of talent that WA has to offer in Rowing.
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