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Geraldton boasts Mid West's best
10 June 2017


Mid West Academy of Sport: Foundation for My Success Workshop

10th June 2017, Geraldton
Story by Cruz Hogan, WAIS Athletics (Javelin) Athlete 


It was an early start to a Saturday morning for Lead Facilitator Joe McCarthy, Developing Champions Co-ordinator Amanda Schonfeld and myself, as we embarked on our journey to the Mid-West Academy of Sport (MWAS) in Geraldton. For us, this involved a relatively short plane ride to Geraldton airport. However, for the young, talented scholarship/development program athletes at the MWAS, this is not always an option. The long drive to Perth for the many state/national competitions and talent identification programs will be made time and time again.


Within the Developing Champions "Foundations for Success” seminar, Joe and I facilitated discussions around what motivates these athletes to compete in their respective sports and make these countless long journeys in order to progress their athletic development. It was refreshing to hear the variety of responses these athletes had to their specific motivations for competing in their sport, whether it be to make Australian national teams, to compete alongside team-mates in a collaborative effort or just pure enjoyment of their sport.


To further explore what motivates these athletes to compete at a high level, the group discussed what expectations, be they positive or negative, that their parents, their coaches, their school mates placed on them regarding their sporting development. Athletes were reminded that, above all, the most important thing is that they are doing it for themselves. Athletes finished the session discussing integrity within sport and what the ramifications were for taking an illegal substance not only at an individual level, but at a whole sporting fraternity level. There were some great discussions regarding the use of illegal substances in sport and the importance of keeping sport clean.


Thank you to all the athletes that attended this seminar, it was great to see your level of enthusiasm and commitment to your sports. Thank you also to the Department of Sport and Recreation and the MWAS in Geraldton for your kind hospitality.

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