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Preparation On and Off the Court
12 June 2017


Basketball WA Foundations for My Success Workshop

12th June 2017, DSR

Story by Trent Mitton, WAIS/AIS Hockey Player, member of Kookaburras Australian Men's Hockey Team


On Monday the 12th of July Lead Facilitator Joe McCarthy and I hosted an energetic (and very tall) group of future basketball superstars for their foundations seminar. This workshop was a great introduction into the developing champions program and covers a lot of aspects to being an elite athlete.


I have to give credit to the group of kids that attended the seminar as I'm sure they must have been tired from being at school all day. Also, most of them had to get up bright an early the next day for a training session. Their participation in the program showed their dedication and desire to learn more about sport at the highest level.


One of the most beneficial topics, in my opinion, was on time management. The cohort learned a lot about how important it is to put effort into planning and preparation. Being an athlete at that age is sometimes very challenging as you have to juggle school work and a full training load, whilst also trying to fit in some sort of social life. Joe and I assisted the group in a planning exercise, where they all had to fill in their weekly commitments including sleep, school, study and training sessions. The idea is to identify days and times they can fit in some important relaxation time, but also to show that there are always hours in the day we are wasting or times we can be multitasking. For example, a number of the kids suggested it's a great idea to study in the car or on the bus to and from school.


An area I think I could help the most was that of drug education and ASADA. For a lot of the group they will be playing basketball at a national championship this year and hopefully in the very near future gain selection into a junior Australian team. This means there is a high chance they could be tested, which was a real eye opener for them. We discussed dangers with substances and foods they could come in contact with,we also talked about the drug testing process. Integrity in sport in my opinion is vital and it was really good to see everyone in the room paying attention and asking lots of questions to learn as much as they can.


As I mentioned earlier I was very impressed with the young basketballers who concentrated and participated in the entire seminar. The activities we completed were really beneficial, with the main goal to help them understand that to be an elite level athlete it’s not just the effort or talent you have on the court but what you can do off it to make your performances better!

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