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6 July 2017

Rowing WA Nutrition Workshop

6 July 2017, WAIS
Story by Maia Simmonds, World Championship and World Cup Australian Rowing Team representative


As an athlete food is a pretty regular topic of conversation and lightweights are some of the best at talking (if not eating!) food. Therefore the opportunity to work with WAIS Dietician Emily Eaton in running a Nutrition workshop for Rowing was a combination many loves for me.

Nutrition is such a big key to performance in both training and competition across all sports and a really valuable area to cover as a young athlete. It is amazing to see at the top level how many athletes don’t understand nutrition very well but when it seems like ideas are changing all the time it is hard to stay on top of the right thing to do!

It is great to be able to have an experienced sports dietician lead young athletes through some of the key points about Nutrition. We started by discussing different macronutrients and micronutrients and how much energy we get from them. Emily showed the rowers that one of the best things is to ensure that you have a variety of food to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need. And that there are no bad foods – just foods you eat less often!

We tested out our knowledge about the carbohydrate and protein quantities of various foods, whether they were low, medium or high sources. It’s so good to know what might be a good fuel source for your requirements as an athlete but first the trick is to understand what the foods we eat contain.


When the rowers are in full training they can have pretty heavy nutrition requirements, especially as they are growing, so it was great to get exposed to a large variety of food ideas for pre, during and post training. We talked about the importance of being fueled for long sessions and particularly when you might have sessions back to back.

The rowers were great group to work with and I hope they all continue to enjoy their rowing and fueling for rowing!

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