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MWAS Athletes Master Meals for Success
12 July 2017


Mid West Academy of Sport Nutrition Workshop

12 July 2017, WAIS
Story by Maia Simmonds, World Championship and World Cup Australian Rowing Team representative


On Wednesday afternoon Emily Eaton and I had the great pleasure of working with a group of athletes from a diverse range of sports who had come down on a camp to visit some of the elite training centres in Perth. These athletes heralded from athletics, softball, cricket, basketball and BMX and are all part of the Mid West Academy of Sport.


From the outset the group were open and interactive and clearly passionate about developing themselves as athletes. They asked insightful questions and made the workshop so much fun to be a part of. The Nutrition content was very apt as the group had been pitted against each other just the previous evening in a Masterchef-style cook off.

We engaged the athletes’ competitive streak again to test each other in how well they could place foods in categories of high, medium and low sources of the both carbohydrates and protein. The challenge of misleadingly foods like rice milk always catch people of guard and show how important it is to have a real understanding of what might be good sources of those vital macronutrients. When you are on the go and need to carry recovery food for that important window post-training having a clear understanding of what the food you have contains can means getting the most out of your completed session and being in the best shape for your next.

All the MWAS athletes were really engaged in improving their knowledge and seeing the effect that nutrition and hydration can have on your performance. Whilst sometimes marketing can make it seem that there are quick ways to extra speed or strength through supplements there is so much more to gain from training application and learning how to fuel your body.


I wish all of the MWAS athletes the very best in their sporting journeys. It was fantastic to work with such a passionate group and I hope they gained some knowledge that will help them in the future.

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