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23 July 2017


GSSTA: Nutrition Workshop

23rd July 2017, Albany

Story by Kat Downie, WAIS Swimmer, 2012 Paralympics


I had an amazing time in Albany on Sunday alongside WAIS Dietician, Emily Eaton, and the young athletes. I am a big fan of Albany, an amazing place filled with amazing, dedicated people. I remembered a few familiar faces from the last time I did a clinic down South.


This was another Nutrition workshop, but instead of having just one sport, we had many different athletes, and their parents, participate. There was AFL athletes, swimmers, cyclists and taekwondo, a really good mix. I thought it was important to have the parents present considering the ages of the athletes, the parents are more involved in the nutritional aspects and generally do most of the cooking.


It's always interesting to note the differences and similarities between sports, particularly in terms of nutrition and recovery. For example, athletes competing in high contact sport generally need to eat hours before a game whereas athletes in non contact, low movement sports, can eat closer to training.


The athletes were amazing and really contributed to the discussion about something so integral to performance and recovery! The athletes learned about why nutrition is so important for recovery and how they can manipulate nutrition to help towards their own individual needs and goals.


Again, we played "Guess how much Protein/Carbohydrate is in the product!" It was great to have the athletes become so active, involved and competitive. Again, most were tricked by "low fat” and the various "milk” products.


Last but not least, we asked the athletes to promote a product. My fave product promotion was the potato. The athlete really got into it, applying the knowledge they previously learned whilst also being very entertaining and clever. Potatoes really are one of my favourite foods so I might have been a bit biased.


I hope the athletes had as much fun as I did and I would like to thank the city of Albany for letting us utilise their brand new facilities for the workshop!

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