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11 February 2018

South West Academy of Sport (SWAS): Foundations for my Success Workshop

11th February 2018, bunbury
Story by Luke Zaccaria, Cycling


Sunday the 11th of February started with an early morning wake up call to drive down to Bunbury to help present the Foundations for my Success workshop to the South West Academy of Sport athletes. When I arrived I was greeted by the smiling faces of the talented athletes from a wide variety of sports including Netball, Hockey, Cycling, Athletics, Golf and Sailing.

We began the morning by outline what the Developing Champions program has to offer in the coming workshops and also explaining what will be covered in the Foundations workshop including goal planning and progression, time management, integrity in sport as well as going through the importance of ASADA.

Next up we watched the inspirational story of Derek Redmond at the 92 Barcelona Olympics. Then we shared some stories as to what motivates us to keep going and what drives us to push through adversity and go on to achieve our goals.

We then looked at time management, which is a crucial component of being a regional athlete as there can often be long travel times to get to competitions or training sessions and we looked at how the athletes can utilize this time to be productive, so that they can free up more time during their week.

The athletes then had a group exercise where they had to rank sports on their integrity from most integral to least which we then discussed this topic as a group, before finishing up the session by looking at the ASADA website and showing them how to use the "check your substance” section so that they are well informed on how to be a fair competitor and they can be the best athlete possible.

It was a pleasure to get to work with these athletes and find a bit about them and their sporting journey to date. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of them are already making huge inroads on their sporting journey; I look forward to seeing their progress over the coming months and years.

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