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Fuelling Motorcycilsts, not just their bikes!
23 April 2018


Motorcycling WA: Nutrition Workshop

Story by Trent Mitton, Australian Hockey Player.



Dietician Emily Eaton and I met a group of talented motorcycling athletes during the school holidays. They were all very excited to be involved in a WAIS initiated program, and in the days prior were lucky enough to be able to use some of the facilities including the world class gym. It was clear they were enjoying their time being WAIS athletes for a few days! It was refreshing to see, as sometimes you take for granted the amazing amenities and support staff we have at the Western Australian Institute of Sport.



On this day, the lucky group were participating in a nutrition seminar. Motorcycling and elite athletes aren't regularly spoken about in the same sentence but we were there to change that misconception. In our opinion nutrition is crucial to every athlete and just because you ride a powerful bike doesn't mean you can pay less attention to your body's nutritional needs.



We talked a lot about recovery and how important it was for these athletes as a number of them compete in "enduro" events where they can be racing for hours at a time. Continuing on the recovery theme, there was a lot of discussion about travel to and from these events. Some of the motorcyclists and their families have hours to travel home after the race. I made them aware this was a crucial time in their recovery because if you don't plan properly it will be too long before you get some food in your body, or you will be left with a bad fast food option on the way home.


One of the final tasks the kids had for the day was to construct a meal plan. This proved challenging for some of them as they found it hard thinking about every meal for a week and the different food options. It was really valuable as they understood how important their parents are in their sport. I encouraged them to be more involved in choosing their meals at home and offer to help in the kitchen as much as possible! It will help them make great food choices in a few years time when perhaps they have moved out of home.


I had a great day learning about the different types of motorcycling and how talented these kids are in their chosen discipline. Learning about other sports and athletes is always my favourite part of the Developing Champions Program.


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