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Using your brain to be faster on a bike
24 April 2018

Motorcycling WA: Performance Psychology Workshop

Story by Luke Zaccaria, Cycling

On Tuesday the 24th Adrian Schonfeld and I presented the Performance Psychology workshop to the Motorcycling WA Junior Elite Talent Squad.

The workshop is filled with lots of information to absorb and at times can be a bit overwhelming but the athletes have to be congratulated on their ability to stay focused and engaged during the whole workshop.

Being a track sprint cyclist myself I began the day off by finding the similarities between the two sports, and there are quite a few of them. We enjoy the need for speed and are thrill seekers. We then played some ice breaking games to get them engaged before we start presenting the workshop.

We then dived into the learning, starting off with the RAS (reticular activating system) and how it acts as a filter for our brain and is heavily influenced by our thoughts and perceptions. Which tied into the next topic of the development of the adolescent brain and how it hasn’t fully developed at their young age and will continue to develop well into there twenties.

Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset was the next top that we covered and is a particular favorite of mine. The athletes had to work in groups and work together to change a fixed mindset into a growth one which will help them greatly in their sporting career as well as their lives post sport.

To finish off the session Adrian went through some relaxation methods such as progressive muscle relaxation, imagery or meditation. This was a great way to end the session before they went off to an afternoon of Go-Karting, which they were all looking forward too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time helping theses young developing athletes and wish them all the best in their future sporting endeavors.

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