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Keeping your cool in the heat of the moment
9 June 2018

Mid West Academy of Sport: Performance Psychology Workshop

Story by Cruz Hogan, WAIS Athletics Program (Javelin)

9th June 2018, Geraldton


After a short plane ride to Geraldton, lead facilitator Jesse Phillips and myself were met with some of Western Australia’s up and coming athletes at the Mid-West Academy of Sport (MWAS). This group of young, bright and enthusiastic athletes boasted talent from a wide range of sporting disciplines including basketball, athletics, AFL and motocross. To kickstart discussions in the Developing Champion’s "Communication” workshop, the athletes watched videos depicting athletes who, in the heat of the moment, may have lost their cool. While all athletes agreed that their behaviour was unacceptable, they were asked to step inside the shoes of the athletes and provide some insight into why the behaviour may have been justified. After providing some context behind the situation, many of the athletes changed their initial opinion about their behaviour. It was here that athletes recognised the lasting consequences that can occur from one moment, where frustration, anger and passion can ruin your reputation in an instant. This led to further discussions about how the athletes can utilise effective communication strategies to overcome these frustrations and show respect for other players, their coaches and their parents.



The athletes also delved into some great discussions about the positives and negatives of social media. All the athletes were well versed to this conversation and were very well aware of the issues social media can cause if they are not careful. The athletes also learned how social media could be used to promote their own ‘brand’ as an athlete.



Thank you to all the MWAS athletes that attended the Developing Champions workshop. It was great to see some familiar faces and here some updates on your athletic performances. I’m eager to see how you all progress in your athletic careers in years to come!

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