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Performance Psychology in Peel
7 June 2018

Peel Regional Academy of Sport: Performance Psychology Workshop

Story by Kat Downie, WAIS and Australian Swim Team

7th June 2018, Mandurah

I was thrilled to be asked to head down to Mandurah to complete the Performance Psychology workshop with PRAS athletes from various sports. Working with several different sports within one workshop is always both entertaining and enlightening. It offers a holistic approach to the subject that sometimes can’t be found when dealing with a singular sport.


It was a late Thursday night workshop and I expected the athletes to be just as tired as I normally am so late in the week but both Adrian and I were pleasantly surprised by the communicative enthusiasm we received from the athletes.


The Performance psychology workshop is one of my favourites because sports psychology has been a major influence on both my own swimming career and personal life. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most challenging and rewarding workshops developing champions offer.


We started off the workshop with an activity called "two truths, one lie” which basically asks the athletes to lie to me, I am normally not very good at this game but it seems like PRAS athletes are worse at lying.


The workshop went really well, despite being filled with medical jargon, and the athletes paid attention and worked well within their groups. I think their favourite activity was the relaxation exercise. In this exercise we go through various mental skills that the athletes can use when the situation arises. It teaches them to use their mind to relax both mentally and physically. This comes in handy in both inside and outside sport.


Thank you to the budding young stars of PRAS and Adrian for making this developing champions workshop a huge success!

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