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Always Bring Two Pair of Goggles
27 May 2018

 Mid West Academy of Sport: Performance Psychology Workshop

Story by Kat Downie, WAIS and Australian Swim Team


 27th May 2018, Geraldton


Boy was I super thrilled to be asked to travel to Geraldton to help with another Performance Psychology workshop! I have been to Geraldton many times before, in fact I competed at some of my early swim meets at the Geraldton pool and have returned many times, including last year to compete at the Geraldton Short Course competition. So when Amanda asked, I literally jumped at the opportunity!

Both the MWAS staff and athletes were very welcoming and I may have had one or two complementary cups of coffee through out the workshop.


This workshop was also about performance psychology, lucky for me the content was still pretty fresh in my head from the week before. We opened with the "Two truths, one lie” game and I must say either I’ve been getting much better at spotting lies since we started integrating this little icebreaker into our workshops or the MWAS athletes were just terrible liars.


The athletes were super attentive for a Saturday morning, many of them coming straight from training to the MWAS facility. It was great to see how eager they were to learn more about their sport.


We had a slight off tangent debate regarding the correct use of the word "slippy”. In this case I was using it as an example of being prepared for the unexpected and tried to relate it the basket ball court being "slippery”. I soon gave up on that example (due to the athletes being very vocal about my incorrect vocabulary) and instead used my own worst case scenario: "bringing two pairs of googles in case the first pair breaks.” This is an important lesson because whilst the athlete should always think positively, they should also prepare incase a negative scenario should throw them off their game.


Again, I do think the athletes favourite part of the workshop was the relaxation part at the end. I think it might be my favourite part too.


Thank you to the young athletes and the staff of MWAS for making this developing champions workshop a great one.


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