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Positive Performance Psychology in the South
7 October 2018

South West Academy of Sport: Performance Psychology Workshop

Story by Georgia Wilson, Australian Hockey Player


Athletes from various sports in the South West Academy rose early on Sunday morning to dive deeper into performance psychology and expand their knowledge of mental processing. Attendees were receptive to the staff who had travelled from Perth earlier the previous night, showing their utmost appreciation through their willingness to learn.


The morning began by learning about the reticular activating system and the positive role self-talk has on influencing behaviours and belief. Athletes looked at the importance of positive mindset during training and competition and identified what shape their own limiting beliefs take and the instances in which they most likely occur. Chief facilitator and WAIS psychologist, Adrian, spoke about ways in which these limiting beliefs can be reframed to allow improvement and power instead of being detrimental to performance. Having athletes from a range of sports provided great value in demonstrating how despite attendees specialising in different fields, many limiting beliefs were consistent.


Participants completed mindset questionnaires, determining whether they primarily adopted a fixed or growth mindset and were provided with tools to restructure their thinking. They identified the positive impact having a growth mindset can play in their sport and a simple activity of reframing mindsets provided hope to all that although many are not where they want to be, they are on the road to greatness.


Final activities involved Adrian leading a short progressive muscle relaxation activity, enabling athletes to experience first hand the powerful effect relaxation has in improving mental wellbeing. Thank you again to all participants for their attentiveness and motivation and congratulations at completing a key workshop.

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