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Footballers, a Cyclist and a Kayaker - Working Towards Green & Gold
9 April 2019


Football West: Foundations for My Success

9th April 2019, Gibbney Reserve
Story by Luke Zaccaria, WAIS and Australian Cyclist


When I received an email asking if I was interested in helping present a workshop with the Football West program I was more than excited to jump at the opportunity as I have done a presentation with them in the past and I know how well mannered, professional and enthusiastic they are.

On the 9th of April, 2012 Olympian Jesse Phillips and I had the pleasure to present the Foundation for my Success Workshop to the Football West girls program, and after I had spent a few months training with the national program in Adelaide I was more than excited to share some of my new experiences and learning which will hopefully motivate these young athletes to strive towards their goals.

The Foundations for my Success workshop gives a broad overview of what the Developing Champions program has to offer. We covered topics such as goal setting and its importance to continually adapt goals as you achieve them or alter them if setbacks occur and to have smaller goals on the journey towards the larger goals.

We also covered time management and how to best manage their time with school, sport, friends and family commitments. Which at this age, if they can get a better understanding of time management it will only help to set them up for future success as the demands of training increase as progress over the coming years.


After a quick mid seminar nutrition break we finished up with integrity in sport and all the available resources that ASADA provides so that we as athletes are being fair, ethical and playing within the rules so that we can hold the upmost respects amongst our peers and our country whilst representing the green and gold.

It was a fantastic evening and the girls have to be praised for their attentiveness and engagement throughout the seminar after a day of school and training they contributed throughout the evening and at the conclusion they all said thank you with a hand shake as they left which just goes to show the professionalism of the Football West Program.


Thank you to the athletes, good luck with your future competitions and I hope to seem them competing for the Matildas or other professional teams in the near future.

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