Fuelling Your Body, Not Just Your Motorbikes
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Fuelling Your Body, Not Just Your Motorbikes
29 May 2019

Motorcycling WA: Nutrition

29th May 2019, Maylands

Story by Luke Zaccaria, Cycling Australia


On Wednesday the 29th of May, Emily Eaton (WAIS Nutritionist) and myself had the pleasure of presenting the Nutrition module of the Developing Champions program to a young group of Motorcycling WA athletes.

This was my first time helping present this workshop so I was excited to share my knowledge of nutrition that I have gained over the years, from needing to put on weight to cutting down and having learnt what works best for my body on a training day vs. a competition day.

And much the same as the motorbikes that they ride, fuel is an essential part of preforming at an elite level.

We started off by covering the 3 main sources of food (macronutrients), protein, carbohydrates and fats. We then broke down these 3 into smaller categories (Micronutrients), which consisted of Vitamins and Minerals.

After learning about macronutrients and micronutrients the athletes learnt about how much carbs and protein certain types of food contain and whether that particular type of food was high, medium or low in either carbs or protein for example; Tuna is high in protein and low in carbohydrates were as rice is low in protein but high in carbohydrates.

They were then quizzed on their knowledge, and to the young athletes credit they did very well and are already showing signs of smart nutritional choices.

Taking all of this knowledge learnt the athletes began writing out they’re own weekly meal plan so that they are prepared through out the week and on competition days to help them stay on track and perform at their optimum level.

We finished up with taking some questions. Which were, how to eat on/during a competition day and how to better structure their daily eating habits all of which I have experienced and learnt from over the years so I was happy to share my personal experiences.

It was a great evening and I hope that these young athletes can take away some important bit of throughout the workshop and start to implement them in their daily routine to help aid and better their performances as athletes.

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