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GAP: Setting & Acheiving 'Life Goals': another way to Score in Women's Football
20 March 2010
Introductory Gifted Athlete Program (GAP)
Hosted by Football WA - Saturday March 20 - Department of Sport and Recreation, Leederville
What a great way to start a weekend: gaining inspiration from a group of motivated and committed junior women’s Football WA (or "Soccer” as I got caught saying throughout the session) athletes.
Kate Bobridge (WAIS GAP Training Officer) and I backed up with our 2nd Intro GAP within 24 hours and 300kms, after Friday’s Surfing WA GAP in Margaret River. This time we had the pleasure of gracing the carpet at the Gifted Athlete Program major sponsor the Department of Sport and Recreation building in Leederville. What a great team of girls, all in uniform and all disciplined at such an early age. It was "well wicked” (as Ali G would say) to have super enthusiastic contributions to the days program by all the athletes.
After a quick My Body warm-up (where the girls showed me their hamstring flexibility and pre-game leg swings) we got stuck into the nuts and bolts of being a top level athlete. I shared some of my experiences to reinforce the need to manage your time, allowing the girls to reflect on their own practices with a brainstorming session. We then had my favorite section, My Nutrition where we got to talk about food…Yum!! We discussed the importance of a balanced diet and maintaining a sports-specific diet that aligns closely to the food pyramid structure. All the girls had a great idea about what foods to eat and once again I opened my lunchbox to show all the foods I eat to fuel the ever hungry tank.
To finish the day the girls looked at what sporting pathway they are currently on which flowed into goal setting ‘the SMART way’ (see the Resources page – Goal Setting for Life Balance for more information). We looked at the levels of Football development from their current junior state team level all the way through to the senior level, the Matildas Squad. The morning session was a great step forward for the girls and they all enjoyed themselves…I think! It will be great to see their progress in the coming years – good luck in Canberra for the National Championships girls!!!
Jesse Phillips is a Kayak paddling Champion.
Thanks Jesse for your time and effort in this session!
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