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GAP: Future Socceroos - How do they get there?
13 March 2010
Introductory GAP
Football West Under 14 High Performance Development Squad
March 13, 2010 - DSR Leederville
Article by Tina Tanrikulu
I spent the morning with young talented under 14yr soccer boys from the High Performance Program. We covered four topics over the course of the morning, My Body, My Time, My Nutrition and My Pathway!
One of the activities during the morning involved the group splitting into three smaller ones and discussing with myself, Kate and Jenny Marsh (WAIS ACE Counsellor) some of their training goals. The boys had basic grounded skills for goal setting and we merely built upon these stressing the importance of time frames, and making goals specific. It was great to give extra feedback to them about how I thought they could also tackle their goals having been in similar situations before.
Sometimes you can set goals that seem almost impossible to achieve (like becoming an Olympian - a long term goal) and other times you set them knowing they could be achieved at the next training session. I believe a mixture of both is great for sport especially if you plan on making a career of it - keeping in mind that long term goals generally take longer to achieve and require the smaller ones along the way to get you there. It is important to write all your goals down and reflect on them from time to time. Goals give you direction, a roadmap of where you have been and where you are going, and also provide the motivation to improve and succeed.
Judging by the comments the boys made at the end of the morning, I feel they all took something away with them that they can implement into their own training. Most of them mentioned the importance of eating and drinking healthily for sport, some touched on the way in which they plan to balance sport with school and others mentioned how they intend to achieve their sporting goals. Overall, I had a great morning with these young athletes. It was a pleasure to share my stories with them and I hope that their dreams will continue to be strived for and one day achieved.
Tina Tanrikulu (nee Morgan - pictured in white below)
is a previous Olympian & world class Taekwondo athlete.
Thanks to Tina for her involvement in this session!
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