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Developing Champions: Triathlon, Waterpolo
10 December 2011

Tongue twisters, Chinese whispers, story telling, celebrity head and chocolate brownies.


Sounds like a great morning of entertainment, right?




And it was all in the name of learning.


Twenty-one keen sportsmen and women, representing water polo and triathlon, enjoyed a three-and-a-half hour Developing Champions workshop at the DSR headquarters in Leederville on the morning of Saturday, 10 December.


All participants had previously complete the Developing Champions core program, so Kate Bobridge and I focused on the following elective units:

  •  Communication
  •  Me; You; Everyone (relationships)
  •  A Positive Me


Games of Chinese Whispers Tongue Twisters proved just how easy it is to get mixed messages when the information we require doesn’t come directly from the horse’s mouth.


The group discovered that it is much easier and more rewarding to communicate with another when both people are using the magical skill of ACTIVE LISTENING.


Kate explained that active listening - which is the ability to put aside our own cares in order to give 100 per cent focus to what someone is telling us - is a major skill used bycounselors.


It is a great skill to have and one that anyone can learn or practice. The challenge is there for you all to practice the skill all the time.


A LENGTHY game of Celebrity Head allowed us all to consider who our role models are and why they inspire us.


Waterpolo great Tom Hoad and triathlon’s three Emmas (Moffat, Jackson and Snowsill) are role models to many in the group because of their significant sporting achievements. One member of the group said his Dad was his role model because of his great personality. And Kate and I both listed Swiss tennis champion, Roger Federer, as our favourite because of his on and off-court demeanour.


Though we did not speak a lot about the skill of time management during this workshop, it is an important one to get right.


Please click on the following link and watch this video … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk56VxaeqEQ, and then go and do the dishes!


Good luck to you all in your quest to climb to the top of the ladder and reach your ultimate goal.


See you there!


Amber Bradley


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