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Developing Baseball/Softball Champions
26 March 2012

Today Jesse Phillips and I had the privilege of conducting a Developing Champions presentation at the Department of Sport and Recreation in Leederville for Softball and Baseball athletes.

Once we established that the biscuits and tea and coffee facilities at the back of the room were not for us to devour, but rather set up for a meeting the following morning and that Jesse had strange taste in music that neither the athletes nor I knew, we began.

Initially, the athletes came across as shy and not overly sure about their contributions to the workshop, but as Jesse warmed up so too did the young champions and before you knew it the conversation ran smoothly and we had many interesting discussions around confidence, performance and routine.

Valuable information was shared regarding organisation, communication and being a proactive athlete.

The first module we covered was ‘Understanding Me’. Within this we looked at confidence, mood and stress and how these can affect your performance. We had an interesting discussion with the athletes regarding the difference between confidence and arrogance and how people perceive and react to both. We bought this discussion back to the admiral boxer, Muhammad Ali who knew how good he was and regularly voiced it. We then looked at how stress can both enhance and hinder your performance and that it is important to find your optimal performance stress levels.

After a quick Subway dinner break, we moved onto the ‘Managing Me’ module. We talked about managing goals, building confidence and managing time. The athletes ordered their current priorities, with most of them valuing education first, closely followed by sport. Very mature of them –Jesse and I both had sport as number one!

We finished with the ‘My Pathway’ module. Here we looked at motivation, making plans to achieve long term goals and making correct decisions that help you succeed.

At the conclusion of the workshop we had a great discussion about taking responsibility for your own pathway and being a proactive athlete. The athletes left with a more rounded perspective on the journey taken and tools required to become an elite athlete and seemed to really enjoy the session. I am looking forward to seeing this group of athletes develop into Baseball and Softball champions!

Written by Fiona Boyce

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